Tango – Services Business Simulation

Celemi Tango

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Success through people

“Managing people intensive organizations through fierce competition for your clients and employees.”

If you are in the business of selling knowledge and expertise, the value of your company extends well beyond financial measures. Likely, your most valuable asset is your people, and that means you must overcome unique challenges: How do you attract and retain the right people in fast moving industries? How do you get the most out of employees while still remaining an “employer of choice”? How do you ensure that your people align with your growth strategy and ability to acquire and retain profitable customers? In the Celemi Tango™ business simulation, participants develop the skills required to fully leverage their people as a source of competitive advantage, and execute a successful business strategy.

The challenge is to attract and retain the right clients and employees in order to create short-term profits and long-term value.

As a result of the Celemi Tango experience, your employees will be equipped to:

  • Gain a competitive edge – to attract the right employees and clients.
  • Strategically plan and staff projects for optimal capacity utilization.
  • Maximize cash flow and profitability – to provide for flexibility and growth.
  • Grow your company’s know-how – not just the competence of the employees.
  • Retain and develop your people in line with their goals and your company’s strategic vision.

White Paper: The Future of Management – Knowledge Intensive Firms, by Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby