Business Acumen

What is Business Acumen?

Business Acumen is the ability to articulate and interrelate a range of attributes of your organisation to determine or understand costs, value and cash generation.  In a sales capacity it relates to how your customers deal with costs in order to generate value and cash.  Business acumen is a key driver to accelerating strategic initiatives; leadership; corporate transformation; sales performance or overcoming resistance to change.

KMSI’s core business is helping clients get on the same page about the operations of their business and sales to clients.

Perspective – have you ever heard someone say, ‘we can’t see the forest, for the trees’?  Having a big picture of your organisation is an imperitive to understand how your role plays a significant part if the overall achievement of the organisations goals and performance.

Alignment – research shows that team that works together, achieves better.  KMSI demonstrates in all of our engagements how to get on the same page.

Sales Performance – calling higher in an organisation requires sales people to have a greater understanding of the inner workings of the client they are for which they are providing products and services.  Through greater business acumen KMSI will upgrade your sales teams knowledge and confidence to call higher.

Resistance to Change (Understanding fit for purpose)- achieving perspective and alignment are two key factors in overcoming resistance to change.  People have a need to feel important and to play an important role.  If through their understanding their role is enhanced they will strive for greater success.