Business Simulations


KMSI is a licensed and accredited service provider for Celemi simulation tools.  KMSI was introduced to simulations in 1992 and is the most experienced continuous provider in the region. These are deployed in a variety of interventions to create a fun, interactive and engaging learning environment.  Simulations can be used on an individual basis or as part of a larger intervention delivering significant ROI. Click on the link below to take you to the simulations’ individual page or watch the video link.  For the most experienced provider, choose KMSI.  Write us for more information

AOLogo  Business Acumen for everyone (Invite people to think like business owners – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking.)

DECISIONLogo  Pulling in the same direction (Helping key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organisation.)

ENTERPRISELogo  Stay ahead in a changing world (Inspire team members to apply business concepts that help put your strategy into action – fast.)

TANGOLogo  Success through people  (Managing people intensive organisation through fierce competition for your clients and employees.)

CAYENNELogo  Securing project success  (Preparing people for the challenges of project work)

salesendeavourlogo  Strategic skills for Sale People – The Challenge

Watch this video on business simulations:

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