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KMSI is Asia Pacific’s Leader in providing Business, Financial and Sales Acumen.  We work with organisations to create business savvy leaders and professionals to drive real ROI.

Business Acumen and Perspective are two major competencies that need development in professionals today.  This is due to the fact that they are too busy to see the forest for the trees or don’t have the experience to react quickly.  Business Acumen is the ability to understand and articulate how the business operates and makes money.  To be proficient in business acumen you need to understand the various resources that a business uses, how to measure performance and how it achieves various states of returns such as earnings, profit, ROI, etc.  A business makes investments daily, whether they are for additional resources, equipment, intellectual property, new products and services, or in projects to improve efficiency, systems, processes, methodologies and the like.  Achieving a high level of business acumen in your organisation can improve your ROI.

Sales Acumen is the business acumen for the sales professional.  Sales people need to both understand the dynamics of their business as well as how their product or service fulfils the business expectations and returns in their client’s environment.

Perspective is the ability to remove oneself from the day to day operations and observe the strategic outlook of activities in the business. “Get out of the trees so you can see the forest”.  We also simulate scenarios to highlight issues and problems in moving from strategy to execution.

Seeing A New Perspective…. Changes Everything

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