Business Acumen for Women in Leadership

We are passionate about the nurturing of women in leadership about business.  There is a significant desire to have more women in management and leadership positions throughout the business world.  Women need to learn in diverse environment and across multiple learning styles so that their capability is nurtured to their preference style.  Most of all women need to develop their Strategic, Financial and Business Acumen.  See this Ted talk video for more:

KMSI is uniquely positioned to lead this frontier with combinations of tools and simulations that foster rapid learning where it is ok to learn by making mistakes.  Just as pilots need to keep developing their skills and reactions to various situations, business leaders need to constantly development theirs.  Business simulations are a fun, engaging and situational tailored based learning designed to challenge capabilities around various business models.  KMSI works with organisations to develop leaders and strengthen or change business models in global environments.  See how you can develop 10 years experience in just a few daysWrite to us to find out more.